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Into the arms of infinity

I’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long, long time. 3 years, in fact. 3 years, an demo and a name change later, I’m proud to bring you the Is This Revolutionary? review of Signals to Vega’s debut album, Into The Arms of Infinity. Anyone who’s been following this blog knows my infatuation with this band. From the moment “Faster, My Friend… The Old World Is Behind You” began, I was head over heels. I’ve gotten to know David, Ricky, Joe and Zac since 2010, and they are as fantastic musicians as they are people. Their music has gotten me through the darkest of times, and I only hope you can take away from it what I can.

The album starts, and you are immediately brought into the fold of what Signals to Vega is all about: big volume & big emotion; “Redshift” grabs onto your heartstrings and never lets go. What I love about this song, which is reflective of the entire album, is the incredibly full song structure due to the combination of the guitar parts. Their wall of sound is so warm and inviting, and pairing that with such a beautiful second guitar creates an atmosphere that is unlike any other. Each moment you’re listening, whether you’re alone in your car or in a crowded subway station, your soul fuses with the sound and you become one with the music. If any stronger evidence is needed, 3:48 of “Oh, Rhien” is the strongest example of how well they pull it off. It may seem simple, but the way they build up, slow it down, and then resume without any loss of momentum takes a whole lot of artistic skill and creativity. The hidden gem is the drums, which are overlooked because of the show-stealing guitars. If you take a good listen, you’ll realize how talented of a musician that man is, and how he really provides the grounding that allows the entire band to work.

Rating: I almost feel this section is unnecessary. I have seen this band grow and develop over the past three years (all the different copies I have of “Fear Not the Cycle of Life” as proof) and their ability is unmistakable. I will stake my entire reputation on this claim: Signals to Vega is the pinnacle of post-rock. Into The Arms of Infinity is proof that what I said on November 22, 2010 was correct, “[Signals to Vega] will rise as one of the best post-rock bands in the next decade.” If you don’t believe me, take a listen. You’ll never be the same again. 5/5 kegs as probably the best album I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.






Feature Friday: Some Are Gods

Posted: December 10, 2010 by Is This Revolutionary? in Interview
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After hearing their demo, I knew I had to bring these guys in for our next Feature Friday. They are so talented, such nice people, that the world had to know about the band, the story and the future of Some Are Gods.

Ben: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us a little bit about who you guys are? David: First of all, I would like to thank Is This Revolutionary? for the humbling review and their interest to get to know us a little bit more. Thank all of you for taking the time out to read this and show interest in our band. We are a 4 piece instrumental rock band from Lake Charles, Louisiana. We try to incorporate beautiful soundscapes with the heaviness of metal. It’s not to say we won’t write darker songs in the future, because everyone has their own concepts of beauty.

Joe: We’re really just some guys from down the street. (laughs) We’re musicians who are out to just share ourselves with the world and enjoy this beautiful life together. This concept is something we try to capture with our music and the way we share our music with the listeners.  In truth everyone else is just as big a part of what we’re doing, as we are.  We’re in this thing together!
Ricky “Agmundr” : We’re all just a bunch of regular dudes who live and love music. Our lives are dedicated to showing everyone the beauty of life and the universe through our music in hopes that people will release their minds and spirits of the artificial boundaries that our intellects and society have inflicted upon us.
B: How did you guys get started?
David: I’m convinced that it was fate. To make a long story short(er), I met Ricky through his friends. They decided to come to one of my older bands rehearsal and they made a comment on an Agalloch shirt I was wearing. Basically, in a town of our size, it was grounds to be good friends with someone who knew great music. We went outside and talked, and somehow the subject of starting up a “post-rock” band came about. I decided to take time away from music and travelled around the country and Europe for about 8 months. I came back in the Fall of ’09 and contacted them again to start jamming. I randomly went to a local show, and NJ was there, one of Ricky’s friends, and he introduced me to Joe. At the start of the band, in November 2009, it was Joe, NJ, Andrew, Nick and me. I’ll let Ricky explain the rest of that part of the story. But, basically, NJ and Andrew decided they didn’t want to do this type of music we talked about, and we kicked Nick out for reasons I’m not going to explain. In the end of it all, it was only Joe, Ricky, and I left. Our first song we ever wrote together was “…Wolves”.
Joe: I’m going to second the “fate” theory, as every choice we’ve made in our lives has led to this band becoming a reality.  I moved to Lake Charles from New Jersey on a whim, a feeling I had, that the rest of my life was, for some reason beyond my comprehension, going to take place in a town I really didn’t want to move back to. (laughs) In the end I ended up meeting the guys in ways that seemed way too bizarre to be coincidence.  The rest became history once the words post rock came out of our mouths.
Ricky “Agmundr” : Once again… Fate… At the time when this band formed, I was in a black metal band named In Desolation for about 4 years. I met David at his old bands rehearsal and saw that he had an Agalloch shirt on and instantly knew this guy had great musical taste. After that, we went our separate ways until one night both of our bands played a show together at a local bar named AJ’s. He and my friend NJ had been talking about starting a post-rockish project for a time and they wanted me to come to one of their practices the next time I got in touch with them. One December night rolls around, we and a few of our friends are hanging out and they told me they were practicing the next day, but my uncle’s funeral was on that day… Long story short, some things happened and I didn’t get a chance to make it to the funeral so i said I might as well check these guys out. So I show up to the practice before they decided to continue practicing. When they started playing the song they had written… I was blown away. I had never felt anything like it before. I fell to the floor shedding tears, and I felt as if my higher self had awakened from a deep slumber… after the song, David and I went outside for a cigarette, and I said, ” Man… I HAVE to be in this band.” He replied, “Dude, you’re already in.” I guess from there the rest is history… My induction into this band was a spiritual process, indeed.
B: Where do you draw the inspiration for your music?
David: I draw inspiration mostly from experiences and feelings. I might be listening to a song, or gazing at the stars, or even just having an amazing conversation about life with Joe and Ricky, and it gives me this incredible empowering feeling and I want nothing more than to capture that feeling in my own way, through the best means I know how: music.
Joe: Inspiration for me, is the world around me.  When I sit at my kit and start to play, I’m drawing from an endless supply of feelings and energy and the positive experiences I take from my life. When I play, I try to emulate that energy in every note I write and play.
Ricky “Agmundr” : My inspiration stems from a lot of things. Anywhere from books, music, nature, life, dreams and even video games. If I am alive i’m inspired. (laughs) There are so many ideas and concepts that i want to write about that sometimes its a little overbearing and I’m forced to take a moment and sift through them.
B: What was it like recording your first demo? Anything like you expected?
David: It was different than what I expected. It was frustrating to say the least, but it was still a lot of fun. The reason it was frustrating is because the guy we recorded with had a crazy schedule where he would leave to go to Los Angeles for almost a month at a time. It was hard to set up days where we could go in and record. We recorded the first two songs we had in April. But i think we didn’t get to record “The Peasant Prince” until June. Then, he left to go to LA again, and when he returned, we had an entirely new song written. We wanted to get “Faster…” recorded and scrap the first song that (thankfully) no one will ever hear. It was embarrassing. (laughs)
But, when it was all said and done, he did a great job and the demo turned out sounding very nice. Also, I want to point out that we arranged the songs on the demo in the order that we wrote them, so the listener has an idea of how much we progressed in those few months.
Joe: For me recording was a bit of a nerve-shaking experience.  It was my first experience with recording and wasn’t used to the whole process at first, but eventually, I started to roll with it and it became enjoyable.  Once I overcame all of the hardships of getting everything perfect, I was able to laugh and joke with the guys about messing something up, or not getting it down the first time.
Ricky “Agmundr” : Well it definitely wasn’t my first rodeo with recording. Although I will say it was much less of a headache then the last time i had recorded with a band. For me, it was an awesome experience to share with the other guys. We recorded all of the songs live and the way we had everything set up it was so easy to hear all of the instruments crisp and clean. All in all it was great.. especially being there and producing the demo ourselves.
B: Why did you guys decide on picking up another guitarist?
David: I think it’s very important, especially for the style we play, to sound… full. At the very start of the band, I wanted to have three guitarists in the band. When it was Ricky and I writing the songs, it was very difficult to sound full and encompassing with only two guitarists. We jammed without a bassist for the longest time. So, throughout the entire writing process of the demo, it was up to Joe, Ricky and I to have the fullest sounding songs as possible with only three people. Then I met Derek, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be in the band. I’ll let Joe take it from here.
Joe: We wanted three guitarists all along and actually started out with David and NJ, and picked up Ricky as our third guitarist.  When NJ left the band and we were left without a third guitarist, my mind immediately jumped to Derek as being a perfect fit.  Derek was one of the guitarists in one of my other projects, and a very close friend, whom I had played music with for almost three years. He was actually the reason I started playing this genre of music and showed me much of what I knew coming into the band originally.  He was an obvious fit for what we want to accomplish by having a third guitarist.
Ricky “Agmundr” : I agree with the other guys on this. Derek is a perfect fit for this band. He understands what we’re trying to do. He’s an amazing dude and jamming with him comes so naturally. He is also a great addition for the energy that we are trying to convey to our listeners, especially in a live setting.
B: On your Facebook page, you describe yourselves as “spiritual dudes.”  Do you feel that your music has any religious influence whatsoever? [Ben’s note: Watch me look like an idiot for writing these questions at 3:00 AM]
David: I think it’s very important to distinguish between religion and spirituality. I’m not a religious person, but I’m very spiritual. I wouldn’t say our music is religious in any sense, but I personally feel that our music moves me spiritually. Without getting into it too much, basically, the music we create is yours to relate. We write the music especially for you, and if the music makes your life better in any way, then we have done what we’ve come to do.
Joe:  I don’t believe our music is at all “religiously” influenced.  Spirituality is exclusive to the individual. We allow our own
spirituality to influence the music we create, but the way the people experience the music is up to them.
Ricky “Agmundr” : We’re definitely not spiritual in a religious sense but, rather, in a universal sense. I think our music is spiritual in the way that it moves the people that listen to it and the way we feel when we write our songs. But, other than that, I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with religious beliefs.
B: What can we be expecting from you guys in the near future?
David: A lot. We are currently writing songs for our debut EP. This time around we are being MUCH more selective of the parts that we write. Honestly, we kind of just threw the demo songs together. They don’t accurately show the music we’re capable of writing. Derek, our third guitarist, is going to be on the EP, so expect much…more. Hopefully we can finish that up before the summer arrives next year. After we finish our EP, we are going to look for a label, distribution, and try to set up a tour or two across the U.S.
Joe: We feel like this passed year has been a huge learning experience. Now it’s time to write a new chapter.
Ricky “Agmundr” : You can definitely expect more diversity on our EP than on the demo. We have been taking a lot of time into carefully writing our parts and making sure that the transitions flow naturally, instead of having a forced feeling as some parts on the demo did. Basically after we get our third guitarist, we are to be going busier than ever, writing, getting merch, recording our EP, getting together tours, etc…
B: Some Are Gods is  a very unique and original name, but can you tell us what the heck it means? [Laughs]
David: (laughs) It means whatever you want it to mean.
Joe: There are some that use the power to shape their lives the way they choose. Essentially, each person is in control of their own life. The gift of free will. We are humbled by the All.
Ricky “Agmundr” : (laughs) Well not only does it grab everyone’s attention… It’s a powerful name. But what it means to me is, very few people actually find their true destiny in life. However, I feel we have; and through moving people and bringing them together and creating bonds that otherwise wouldn’t exist, we leave our mark on the world, thus making the music live throughout the ages. I feel that we (the band) are an unstoppable force and time is an immovable object. We shall overcome the immovable by immortalizing the music and the feelings that we bestow upon people with it… So in short, I think the name is fitting.
B:  Any significance behind the song titles?
David: As I’ve said earlier, we urge the listener to interpret the song titles, the music, and the feelings they feel however they wish. The music was created especially for you.
Joe: When people listen to the songs, they interpret the songs by what’s going on in their lives at that moment. That’s what we did, and that’s what everyone else can do.
Ricky “Agmundr” : We named the songs the way we did because, thats what we felt when we wrote them. However, the meanings of them should be left to our listeners to interpret themselves. After all…. They are as much apart of this band as we are.
B: Just to leave our readers with a final impression, is their anything else you’d like to close out with?
David: This is only the beginning. We have progressive attitudes, and do not plan on staying sounding a certain way for too long. But, we’ll always remain quintessentially ourselves.
Joe: We are anxious to expose ourselves to the world. To share our experiences.
Ricky “Agmundr” : We look forward to to meeting everyone who has supported us and will support us. I want to thank everyone for being awesome people and for humbling us by loving the music. This is just the prelude to an amazing novel of life and the future holds many promising things.
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Hey Revolutionaries! I recently revived a split from Louisiana natives Thou and Haarp titled “Reincarnation Prayer”.  The Track “Thinning” by New Orleans natives Haarp is a super heavy doom and sludgy aural assault that is a bit repetitive but still very enjoyable.

Thou contributes the track “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” (what a mouthful) and it is a killer! It is a musical journey that is sludgy, dirty and in your face. Thou is a band that is known for having a heavy dark sludge sound that is balanced by beautiful female vocal parts and Isis influenced guitar parts. I expect to see big things outta these guys! 

You can also Check out the track below download all of Thou’s music FOR FREE here

Thou will be playing at ABC No Rio with STOCKADE and WULFKRIEG on april tenth at 3pm

Thou Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos”