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Fifth One's for the Bros

Leeds-based e-zine Musical Mathematics (MM) released today a 39-track compilation, the proceeds of which will go helping out the victims of Hurricane/Superstorm/Mega Douche Sandy. Among the names appearing on the compilation are Loose Lips Sink Ships, Macho Muchacho, Toe, and a ton more. It’s available on Bandcamp for £3 (which comes out to $4.72). I don’t think I really need to talk about how awesome this is, especially given how impressively it’s selling. According to their Facebook page, “[it] has become the best-selling alternative digital release on #Bandcamp in a single day[.]” I never buy digital music. If I’m going to buy music, I want a physical copy. I just picked up my download (in ALAC; I likes me my high-quality audio files), and I will be indulging shortly.

Have a heart. It’s less than five bucks.


It is with great remorse that I report that, after a decade and a half dozen studio albums, frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala announced his departure from progressive rock band The Mars Volta.

Last night, 23 January, 2013 at 9:39pm EST, Cedric discussed the announcement via Twitter in a series of twenty successive tweets:

Among the matters discussed in the tweets are the hiatus that the Mars Volta announced late last year, Omar’s work in other projects, Cedric’s own work with his solo project, as well as an allusion to Omar’s less charismatic performance during the At The Drive-In reunion tour, shortly prior to which Omar’s mother passed away.

Less than ten hours earlier, UK music magazine NME posted a brief interview with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, guitarist-songwriter of The Mars Volta and longtime partner of Cedric, to discuss his new band, Bosnian Rainbows. In the interview, Omar discussed working with Cedric and the current discontinuation thereof:

It’s been very strange being without Cedric. It’s one of those bittersweet moments, it’s great for both of us because he’s making this great solo record, which is more of an acoustic thing. I’m really excited to hear another side of him and to work on music without me. He’s composing all the music, playing all the instruments, literally doing everything himself, rather than just singing over the top of my songs.

As of this posting, Omar has not publicly responded to Cedric’s tweets.


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Piglet to Release New? Music and Merch

Posted: January 4, 2013 by Is This Revolutionary? in News
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Okay, so the Mayans were wrong. Or we read their calendar wrong. Basically, someone screwed up. Either way, the world didn’t end on December 21st, so I hope you didn’t blow your savings on throwing the sweetest apocalypse party or on post-rapture pet care services.

While the whole “world not ending” thing may have been the best news the 21st brought some, there was another gem that brought joy to approximately three hundred people.

Chicago math rock trio Piglet announced on their Facebook page the day of our reckoning that they will be releasing a “new/old unreleased album” as well as their Lava Land EP on vinyl sometime this year. This announcement comes just a few days shy of the eighth anniversary of the initial release of Lava Land, which was released at the beginning of 2005.


From the first time I heard “Bug Stomp,” I could never understand why these guys had such a seemingly small fan base. While they have a restricted catalog, there is no good reason for it to have not reached the ears of a much broader audience. They might be the most well-balanced math rock band I have ever heard, countering blistering intensity with gorgeous intricacy. I use the term “balance” cautiously; often, balance has the connotation of compromise. I cannot stress enough how much this is not the case here. At no point do they make any sacrifices for the sake of accessibility or showmanship, and the resulting product is one of exquisite form and function.

Anyway, no further information is currently available on the new/old album or the vinyl. More details will likely come to light once the Kickstarter goes up. As I am very excited for the upcoming release, any developments will be posted here.