What’s Up, Revolutionaries?

Is This Revolutionary? is a not so typical/typical music blog we hope will keep you interested enough to return. The contributors to this blog are Enrique H., Ben L. & Anthony C., with Joe D. and Sal M. as occasional guest columnists. We want to keep things fresh and have consistent updates to help keep you in the loop (without sounding like too big of pretentious assholes, or at least trying not to). Interested in contributing your brilliant input? Contact us via our Facebook page or at isthisrevolutionary@gmail.com.

Expect the following from Is This Revolutionary?:

– Reviews – Our personal playlists – Rants – Discographies – Show listings – Gear information – Quick Wit (etc. etc.)

Let the Revolution? begin.

Note: Remember, kiddies, we put these download links up to expose the artist to our viewers because we find them listenable. If you truly support the artist you downloaded, buy their albums and purchase some merchandise as well as see them live. Be fair: download responsibly.