Musical Mathematics Releases Benefit Compilation for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Posted: February 1, 2013 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Compilation, News
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Fifth One's for the Bros

Leeds-based e-zine Musical Mathematics (MM) released today a 39-track compilation, the proceeds of which will go helping out the victims of Hurricane/Superstorm/Mega Douche Sandy. Among the names appearing on the compilation are Loose Lips Sink Ships, Macho Muchacho, Toe, and a ton more. It’s available on Bandcamp for £3 (which comes out to $4.72). I don’t think I really need to talk about how awesome this is, especially given how impressively it’s selling. According to their Facebook page, “[it] has become the best-selling alternative digital release on #Bandcamp in a single day[.]” I never buy digital music. If I’m going to buy music, I want a physical copy. I just picked up my download (in ALAC; I likes me my high-quality audio files), and I will be indulging shortly.

Have a heart. It’s less than five bucks.


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