Show Some Holiday Spirit

Posted: December 4, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album
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Hey, revolutionaries. Pay attention, because this one is serious.

It has come to our attention that indie/punk band Maker, while on tour Friday morning, was in a serious accident. Their vehicle flipped on their way to Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, they’re all still alive. However, a few of them were injured, one is in critical condition, their equipment was destroyed and their vehicle was totaled.

They have set up an email account to which PayPal donations can be made. The funds collected will go towards paying off hospital bills as well as funding replacement equipment and vehicle. We here at ITR? are all about supporting musicians, as well as people in general, in need. Do something nice this holiday season and donate to help these guys out.

While you’re at it, check out their new self-titled EP. It’s pretty good, and the whole thing is available to stream on YouTube. If you like it, you can pick it up from Asbestos Records, Black Numbers, or Engineer Records.

‘Tis the season, revolutionaries!


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