U.S.S.A. Pleasuredome- Icon (2012)

Posted: October 16, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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The best part about reviewing bands is getting to know the people who submit their hard work and talent into you. Meeting one of the men behind U.S.S.A. Pleasuredome may have kicked Is This Revolutionary? back into full gear. A word that you can’t ignore while describing him is “genuine”, and that part of his personality certainly extends into his music. Not flashy or weird for the sake of being edgy/unique, Icon is an album that’s purely original thought and emotion.

The wide variety of drums and chimes used in the first song, “Intro/Sunspots”, gives it more character than most songs I’ve heard sporting the name “Intro”. Although the instruments are unique and the pace is upbeat, it doesn’t hit full stride until about 4:20, when this awesome sounding guitar enters the fray. “True Arctic Blue” juxtaposes the previous song with a more ambient and empty. This sets up the powerhouse of a song, “The Misadventures of Lou Smashfoot”, a song that’s duration matches the size of its skill and giant presence: 7:47 (like the plane, you know?). For the first three minutes, it carries this driving drumbeat with a great wall of sound, and after 2:45 or so comes in with a guitar solo that would normally be the focus of any late 70’s rock song, but fits in so well in the background. This then warps into a electric Arms & Sleepers sounding part, with almost a dubstep sound in the back, that I fell in love with on the first listen. I got chills at around 6:50 when they introduce another guitar solo, and I was in utter disbelief that I just heard something so eclectic and beautiful. “Ghost Smoke” features this trippy beat that sounds like something out of an old movie set in the Persian deserts, showing how unique they can be without jumping off the deep end. The last track, “Dreampool Ecstasy”, I believe I got to hear live, and it sounds just as good on recording. The little bit of vocals at 4:00, my jaw literally dropped; it’s so hard to explain how incredible it sounds without listening to it yourself. This album just makes you feel.

Rating: I waited on this album for such a long time, and it’s a shame. I wish I could have brought this to the public sooner. For an album that says so little, it screams so much emotion and raw talent. Icon deserves 4/5 kegs, and I will never regret that rating.





PS- The download card I got from him you can plant in the ground and sprout wildflowers. If you think there’s anything cooler, you’re wrong.

  1. greg-ussa pleasuredome baltimore says:

    thank you. you are far too kind. your words make our hearts smile.

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