The Rest- Seesaw (2012)

Posted: July 24, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album
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7 dudes out of Canada making unpretentious indie-rock, The Rest are an easy band to love. The vocalist has a uniquely dreamy voice that fits in so well with the music they make. The first song I heard was the first off the album, “Who Knows”, and it was so incredibly executed that I immediately begged for the rest of the album. It was just a perfect mix of indie with almost a shoegaze element to it that took me back and made me hit repeat. When they sent it over, I had no idea what I was in for. More of the same, in a sort of Moving Mountains way? Completely different, diverting to a more traditional indie feel? What I got was actually a mixture.

“Hey! For Horses” is available for free off of their Bandcamp, and I love that combination of Adam Bentley’s Animal Collective-esque vocals against what feels like a Maps & Atlases influences sound. The cover of “Always On My Mind” was so unexpected, but they did an incredible job with it. “The Lodger” goes back to a calm, soothing landscape that I loved from the first song.

Rating: I didn’t want to describe this song-for-song because that would destroy all the surprises this album has in store for the listener. If you go into it thinking post-rock with vocals, you’re overloaded and left feeling let-down. If you go in thinking straight indie, you’ll be fulfilled at some points and bored at others. For those of us who love bands who teeter on the edge, this one is for you. 4/5 kegs.





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