Microfilm – AF127 (2012)

Posted: June 20, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Microfilm is a very unique, almost one-of-a-kind, post-rock band from France. From the first song I heard from them, “Andre”, I knew what talent they had, and it carried over to their newest release, AF127. Not the band for first time post-rock listeners, Microfilm’s experimental sound, more like Godspeed You! Black Emperor than Sigur Rós, is definitely one to behold.

With the first song you hear, “Flying Guillotine”, you’re rocketed into an explosion of energy, matched with very fitting sound samples (people screaming, gunshots being fired…etc.). Proving they’re not just one big ball of fury, Microfilm also encloses in their new album “Claude”, a 12-minutes jam fest that sounds like ambient gone haywire. What draws listeners more than anything is their extensive use of samples that range from French dialogue to scenes found in English films. It’s not so much the way the samples fit the music, but the way the band sound swirls around them, almost like they were made for the track itself. The most fitting example of this is “The Intruder”, featuring lines from the movie Bunny Lake Is Missing . As the situation of the missing child becomes more and more dire, the msic starts to pick up in darker notes and tempo. “Rio” has a smooth, almost jazzy feel to it with its bass line, dropped behind a conversation in French. The track that made me drop my jaw was “Beauregard”, an acoustic song with wind chimes and whistling and just…woah. For anyone who’s been listening to Microfilm for a while, yes, they did continue the “Dpt.” trend, this time with “Dpt. 7”, probably my favorite one to date.

Rating: I’ll be honest here, I do not understand this band at all. From the name of the album to the “Dpt.”‘s to their love for classic movies, I won’t even say I know exactly where they’re coming from. However, as much as the symbolism, the fascinations and the band itself is foreign to me, I truly love what they do and how they do it. And although songs like “Claude” were a little hard to get through, AF127 was an overall fantastic album. 4/5 kegs





  1. r says:

    I always follow your blog. Thanks for bring this band to my life. Best wishes from Argentina

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