Our Friend, Surrender- The Deceiver & The Chariot (2011)

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Our Friend, Surrender is a two-piece instrumental band out of Minnesota and Virginia that strikes me as…different. What I’m used to hearing from two-pieces are tons of looping à la Time Columns and a more fast-paced sound. Where these guys differ is that they actually try to tackle the extremely difficult challenge of making a more traditional, atmospheric post-rock sound. For that, much credit it due.

The Deceiver & The Chariot has a burst of energy right out of the gates, honestly very impressive for a two piece. The layering is done very well, although the first track sounds like Giants quite a bit. There was something missing, however, and it didn’t hit me until midway through the opening song: there’s no bass line (or at least it’s buried very far underneath). This issue becomes more apparent on the next track, where they have both guitars playing higher and lower parts, but an ultimate low to balance out the high chords (sounding like Caspian at times) left a little to be desired.

I truly appreciated the sound samples in Malraux, as it gave it an eerie feel (I believe it it a broadcast from a space shuttle, but I may be mistaken). In addition, the samples used for The Promise Of First Light were beautiful, and they worked so well with the instrumentals that I felt like I was in a movie. It sounded like a 911 call, and I’ve never heard something so terrible worked in such a way that it almost sounded peaceful. And there is definitely something maginificent about the strings that they bring in for Hope For Who We Are Because Of Who We Were.

Rating: It’s taken me a while to write this review because there are so many different directions this album pulls me in. I’m at a crossroads between its sometimes generic post-rock sound and its amazing display of ability (considering it’s only two people playing).      Overall, Our Friend, Surrender rakes in a  3.5/5 kegs.





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