Cicada- Pieces (2011)

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album
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Cicada created the best piece of music I listened to in 2010, by far. Over the Sea/Under the Water was stunning in a way your first kiss is: a burst of passion and intimacy that I had yet to experience in an album. I went as far as to make their debut release by top album of 2010. So, when I finally found out they had released a new album, I got it as fast as my computer could travel. What I heard made me excited and disappointed simultaneously: Pieces was not a trip in an entirely new direction. Cicada had kept their signature piano, guitar, violin & cello composition, the one that made me fall in love with them two years ago. However, it touched me in a different way.

At the same time, the extraordinary sound that was unique to Cicada felt different now. The reason hit me slowly, because the (wait for it) pieces were all there, just like last time. The difference was, this album was much more focused on the piano, and used the violin as an accent. This is a definite change from their violin-centric sound from the first EP, and it is very noticeable when you listen to them back-to-back. Cicada couldn’t seem to catch their energy on this album, save one song. Out of the slower, more peaceful moments on Pieces, the title track was the best. However, a flashback to beautiful times was found on “No Words”, a energy filled, violin driven explosion of power that ranks #2 on the list of my favorite Cicada tracks, spanning both releases.

Rating: “No Words” was a turning point for my listening experience for this album. It was such an incredible song that it really showed the small flaws in the rest, and it made this album a good listen, but overall not what I was looking for. What drew me to Cicada to begin with was the original sound they were featuring, which was a post-rock/instrumental band that replaced drawn-out guitars with beautiful, classic violin. Now, with Pieces, Cicada turns over a new leaf; maybe they matured, and that resulted in their new tranquil sound, but by removing what I loved, I’m left wanting. 3/5 kegs for a good effort, and a hope for a return to their roots.





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