Sky Architects- The Promise of Tomorrow (2012)

Posted: March 31, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Given one week to write this, I set out early in order to truly grasp what is Sky Architects. This was second release I reviewed from them, and I expected it to be equal, if not better, than the demo over I heard over a year ago. To an extent, it was better. To another extent, it wasn’t even comparable. Their trademark “doom-pop” sound was gone, replaced with regular post-rock. Before everyone gets up in arms about that, understand that 2012 is a year of trying something new. Fishing the Sky made an incredible turn-around on their first album and Signals to Vega are actually making an attempt to be a band again, so the sky’s the limit this year. To that point, The Promise of Tomorrow actually break new ground in the genre of post-rock, allowing me to answer the question “Is This Revolutionary?” with “YES!” for the first time in 2012.

This album blew the lid straight off my expectations. Never forced, never fake, The Promise of Tomorrow is one of the best albums this decade. Honestly, I never thought I’d say that about a post-rock band with a vocalist, but there were so many things that were just off the charts. First, the vocalist is surpurb, singing in a manner that complements the music and allows the instrumentals to truly become the main focus. The instrumentals are so beautiful, so full of energy and creativity, that it’s difficult not to listen and be amazed. The best part is that they never get dull or boring, flowing from one song to another, and make the album sound like one giant song. With almost a If These Trees Could Talk feel to them, they get heavy at all the best times, and emphasize the great baselines being played by some very talented musicians. What came out of left field on this album was “Breach These Walls”, the first post-rock song I’ve ever heard combined with dubstep. At first, I hated it simply because it was dubstep, and I was afraid that my favorite genre of all time, my calm music epicenter, was being infected by the plague that sounds like “whomp-whomp”. The further I got into the track, however, the more I was pleasantly surprised at how well both genres worked together. The sound was unique and original , though I hope it doesn’t become a new gimmick for new instrumental bands.

Rating: I was asked to write this review in order to provide Sky Architects with quotes to use for promotional purposes. I always promise to write fair and unbiased reviews, and this is no exception. Because of this, I fear nothing in saying that it was an absolute pleasure to listen to The Promise of Tomorrow. It took a lot to make me want to listen to a band featuring vocals AND dubstep, but this will be in contention for the best album of 2012. 5/5 kegs




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