Fishing the Sky- Thank You (2012)

Posted: March 13, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Very rarely does my jaw drop over an album. Like, seriously, literally drop. I broke my special rule for this one, and I sent the download link to a friend of mine because I was that astounded by this album. I’m sorry, but I needed to share.

Fishing the Sky is a one-piece project from Salem, Massachusetts who’s demo I reviewed a little over a year ago, and I’m glad he sent in his album when it came out. In that review, I said, “If this is just a demo tape, and if he continues what he laid out in “You Just Got Niced”, with a great, kind of up-tempo beat behind electronic melodies, his full length is going to rock.” He did exactly that, and then some. Thank You is an incredible display of creativity and talent, laid out in a little under a half-hour. The basic sound is very similar to his original demo tape, electronic beats over spacey, ambient music, but the feel is extraordinarily different; so much different that I played the demo after, and it sounded like a cover band.

Fishing the Sky’s debut album is exactly what I had dreamed of: deconstructed hip-hop. Fusing glitchy, pulsating beats with atmospheric music, the sound is personal and distant at the exact same time. The best part is not that fusion, because that could get a little boring and monotonous after a while, but all the extra sounds that you wouldn’t quite expect. The piano, the string instruments, everything extra made this album incredible. At moments, the drums pick up and give the music an extra burst of energy, but it’s brought back down within a matter of moments to keep this zen-like feel that’s sustained over the entire album. It’s polished, balanced and perfected, and even the most intense moment in “Whitney in F#” (the ending) could draw away from the overall ambiance, which is remarkable in itself. The album has replay value as well, never getting stale or repetitive. It holds its own, even after the 12th straight play through (take it from me).

Rating: Thank You is an experience no one should miss. The maturity and quality in this work, with a genre like hip-hop (which can have an immature feel to it) mixing with ambiance (which is mature, but has little substance by itself), is beyond measure, and is an impressive feat. In love after one listen, still in love after 12 more, Fishing the Sky’s Thank You is a perfect album. 5/5 kegs.





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