Light Bearer – Lapsus (2011)

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Regardless of creed or faith (or lack there of), one cannot deny that being born and living in the western world comes with it a grand presence of Christianity. It has influenced works of art and literature that spear-headed the Renaissance, if not in support of – then certainly in opposition of this set of beliefs and stories.

The United Kingdom’s Light Bearer (Alex CF, ex-member of the late-Fall of Efrafa, and Matthew Bunkell) have taken a bold step in creating a narrative inspired by the Book of Genesis, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman that will eventually span the course of four albums: Lapsus, Silver Tongue, Magisterium, and finally Lattermost Sword. The main focus of the band is to tell of these stories as an allegorical one, and I feel that the most interesting part about this project is that the members involved are all atheists and are aligned with the far-left wing. As can be expected, the rebellion of Lucifer against Yahweh plays a great deal in their story-telling lyrics and in the first installment Lapsus, both tells and orchestrates a fantastic and generally-edgy concept.

The record kicks off with the track “Beyond the Infinite” (an extended version of which, is available as a separate record) with a haunting and chilling melody. Ambient drums soon kick in and are accompanied by the audible-collapse of crunching guitars and then, eventually, other very bleak-sounding string instruments that further add to the air of intensity. All of this which is followed by a brief monologue, setting up for the rest of the album. The second track, “Primum Movens” is a long-winded crescendo that starts off with a steady drum-beat and very serene-sounding clean guitar layered upon other subtle instruments. When the vocals and gain come in, it assaults you in a satisfying post-metal fashion. [Editor’s note: Alex had this to say about Light Bearer, “Consider it an entirely new entity, separate from past projects!”]

“Armoury Choir” continues the story with creepy clean guitar parts and a sort-of tremolo-delay until the gain comes in again at around the 4-minute mark. It’s pretty clear that Light Bearer were going for a sort of crescendo-sound that would appropriately complement their expansive and detailed lyrics. “The Metatron” gives us a kind of angelic clergy hymn sung by the character Lucifer that leads into the track that I feel stands out the most on this record. “Prelapsus” delivers the vocals right away, with the protagonist Lucifer pleading with God:

I seek reformation! I plead leniency!

This kingdom of heaven and his majesty.

These words now tremble in spite of our trust,

these courses are changing and with them our cause.

I think what I love most about this song is that it doesn’t seem too drawn-out. It’s perfect at just about 7 minutes, and I think the whole crescendo into the clean-vocal chorus is what really does it for me. It really would have been a perfect way to end the record musically, but I don’t object to the last song “Lapsus”, which clocks in at around 18 minutes long and it is not unlike most of the other lengthy tracks on this record.

Rating: While I love everything about this record and the concept behind it, the absolutely beautiful and well-written lyrics [Editor’s note: All songs were written by Matthew Bunkell], it’s clear that this is a band that is still developing their sound and trying to transition into musicians that are more in-tune with what it takes to create a dynamic post-metal sound. It would be mildly insulting to compare these guys to other post-metal giants like Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Rosetta, or even Buried Inside [Editor’s note: Alex has this to say about his influences: “Musically, we are very much influenced by Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Buried Inside, alongside Sigur Ros, Agalloch, and many more..”] However, I admire the direction that they’re going in with this project and I really hope that they can accomodate such a fantastic idea with the musicianship required to pull off a concept of this scale. I have high hopes for these guys. Also, be on the lookout for their new record tentatively coming summer 2012. 4/5 kegs.




– Anthony John Czerwinski

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