Deadhorse / Half Hearted Hero- Split 7″ (2011)

Posted: February 2, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Deadhorse, one of my favorite new post-rock bands (I own two shirts), is back again. This time, they’ve completed a split with Half-Hearted Hero, a “melodic punk” pop-punk band, and they’ve released it on Broken Circles/Animal Style Records. Now, I make no bones about it: I really, really dislike pop-punk. There are few bands from that genre that I can genuinely say I like (thanks to Ricky, Iron Chic & RVIVR); the rest, I stopped listening to when I turned fourteen. Probably wasn’t the best genre pairing of all time.

Getting through the first two tracks, I had to admit, was painful. So painful, in fact, that I had to take a step back before re-attempting this review. They sounded like, well, pop-punk. What I will give them, though, is that they are fantastic lyricists. Their second track, “For the Firing Squad”, contains imagery and poetic ability far beyond the typical run-of-the-mill pop-punk band. But, their constant harmonious vocals and drumming comparable to the Energizer® Bunny did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe I didn’t give them a fair enough chance because of Deadhorse anticipation. Maybe I’d just need to hear an entire album through to really get them. All I know is that they were not my favorite of the two off of this split.

Deadhorse, with their song “New Bones”, made this split for me. With a feel like new This Will Destroy You, the killer intensity coming from this new track left me feeling alone and empty, which I loved. Rounding out this 3 song split, Deadhorse’s sound makes me wait in joyful hope for their next full length album.

Rating: Not much Deadhorse could have done about this one. The bands off this split just did not juxtapose like they were supposed to do; rather, it made one of the bands seem completely inferior as compared to the other, and that doesn’t work for the benefit of the whole. For any pop-punk fans out there, I would take a serious look at Half Hearted Hero. For the post-rock fans out there (which I’d assume is the majority of our readers), this is worth picking up just to hear what’s next for Deadhorse. Split 7” lands at a 2.5/5 kegs.



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