Align in Time- Me & My Arrow (2011)

Posted: January 26, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I always have the utmost respect for solo projects. It takes a certain kind of person to take all their ideas, concerning every aspect of the musical process, and piece it all together to make something beautiful. Align in Time, the one-man instrumental undertaking of John Boles, is breathtaking. How one man can do such things is a mystery I’ll never solve.

It begins with what sounds like the end of a song, with a big explosion, and then quietly leads to what sounds like the beginning of a real song.  It has this early This Will Destroy You sound that I really like. Short song that turns into “The Many Faces”, which is my favorite off this album. Begins with the reverse-play that God Is An Astronaut use on the back-end of a couple of their songs. The build is simple, but pretty, and then they bring up the pace, and then bring it back down with a sound that kind of sounds like a less-heavy Gifts from Enola. Then something amazing happens, complete with guitar solos from prog rock, and at 4:24, I was DYING for blast beats. Overall, the album is very nicely put together, though sometimes it becomes a little repetitious. What I love about this album is when it’s off, it’s still listenable, but when it’s on, it’s like you’re in another world. The beginning of “Men without Chests” is outstandingly unique, and it feels like this entire album is a blend of so many genres that you can only truly classify it as instrumental.

Rating: Align in Time’s Me & My Arrow is probably one of the most impressive outings of a one-piece band that I’ve heard in forever. Creativity in abundance, this album has been on repeat since I got around to listening to it, and my only regret is not listening to it sooner. There were a couple of portions that I wish it would have gotten heavier, or maybe a little less airy, but to have those be the only things to detract from this album speaks volumes. I know I said I was going to grade harsher, and I am, and still this album deserves a 4/5 kegs. Insanely great work.




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