Pocket Vinyl- “Monsters Talking” (2011)

Posted: January 19, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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One of those bands with an attention-grabbing concept, Pocket Vinyl combines music with painting for a multidimensional experience. The musician, Eric, plays a piano-heavy indie rock while his partner, Elizabeth, paints elaborate and interesting pictures onstage. Eric is a really talented pianist, but many of his songs sound like he’s playing show-tunes. Where he really excels is when he slows down the pace and plays more soulful (see “I Once Kissed A Woman Simply For Her Lips“). Out of the entire album, there were some very interesting and informative pieces, and there were some not-so-interesting, bordering on downright boring tracks. The one recommended to me from the band was “A Little Joke”, which came with the real selling point of this band: the live painting. In the span of the 3 minutes it took to finish the song, she completed (in stop motion) an actually pretty impressive painting. Now, I don’t know what the painting really has to do with the music, or even the band in general, but it watching it keeps you entertained.

Rating: Pocket Vinyl is a gimmick-band that combines painting and piano into one, big sensory extravaganza that leaves you confused, yet amused. The music is sporadically powerful, especially when he screams or plays slow, but is more often than not dull and uneventful. The real selling point is the painting, a work of art at every show. I feel like their strength may lie in seeing them live, and they hail from Connecticut, so they frequent around the east coast on a normal basis, so I probably go out to see them to get the full experience. Overall, Monsters Talking earns a 2.5/5 kegs.





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