Cryptodira – The Four Quarters (2012)

Posted: January 12, 2012 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Long Island
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Cryptodira hail from Long Island, New York. These young guys (I emphasize young [they are like 16 0r something]) play a blend of Death Metal, Post Metal and its obvious they have a strong love for Metalcore. While they call themselves “Progressive Death Metal,” they unfortunately are not progressive enough.

There are aspects of this album they I could kind of get into;  for example, some of the post metal elements used during the intros grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, that is about as far as I got in some songs. The time changes, super hi-fi production and drums that sound tired and programmed left me feeling cold. While listening to “The Four Quarters,”  one thought kept creeping into my mind: These dudes sound like a really mediocre Shai Halud. The constant switching of styles is a cute trick, but covers up a lack of creativity. I was really hoping to hear a song that was not 100% blast beats, but I guess that is asking too much.  I really wanted this album to have at least one song that I would like, I really wanted to be able to say “HEY, CHECK THIS OUT, IT RIPS”…but I can’t. Instead, I am going leave off saying that I really hope these guys grow as musicians.

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