Is This Revolutionary? Christmas Mix Vol 1 : Fuck Christmas

Posted: December 24, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted


Happy Holidays kids! I managed to scrape together what energy I had after quite the Yule celebration last night. I hop you enjoy this finely curated mix of anti-Christmas, jams.  This is the perfect mic to play after all the booze is gone and your left with your nagging family. Enjoy!

1.Fear – Fuck Christmas

2.The Dickies – Silent Night

3.Crass – Merry Crassmas side 1

4. Impact – Punk Christmas

5.M.D.C. – Black Christmas

6.The Damned – There Ain’t No Sanity Clause

7.Agoraphobic Noseblees – Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Holiday Cheer

8.Sonic Youth – Santa Dont Cop Out On Dope

9.Adrenalin O.D. – New Year’e Eve



(Credit – Zombie Santa, Phillip Blackman)

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