Oh Hiroshima- Resistance is Futile (2011)

Posted: December 22, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I’m really pulling for these guys. I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but there’s just something about this band that seems genuine. It’s the same thing I feel when I hear bands such as Sky Flying By, Time Columns and Deadhorse: bands that aren’t trying to be the next Mono or Mogwai, but just make some solid post-rock. What makes Oh Hiroshima great is that they truly sound like a fusion of the three previously-mentioned bands; they have Sky Flying By’s solemnly sad sound, Time Columns’ great looping and energy, and when they begin to crescendo, they pull from the same essence that makes Deadhorse so spectacular.

Resistance is Futile is Oh Hiroshima’s debut album, and I refused to look back at my review of their EP as to not get any ideas stuck in my head prior to me listening to it through. What I found is that their strengths, they’ve built upon, but their weaknesses still remain. First, the positives:

Oh Hiroshima does a really good job at not screwing up where other bands do, which is impressive in itself because they are fairly new (okay, they started in 2006, but it was as a duo. If you keep adding members, your band’s style is going to change). Where bands add vocals, trying to force a square peg into a round hole, Oh Hiroshima curves the edges and makes the vocals complement the music, rather than vice-versa. It’s soft, only comes in during certain sections, and makes the instrumentals the main focus (see “The Fog of War”). In addition, it feels like the recording quality went way up, which makes this album even better than their EP. But, just overall, it feels like Oh Hiroshima has improved tremendously; their sound has matured and improved from Tomorrow, and is a certainly a step in the right direction.

Now, the negatives:

Oh Hiroshima had a lot to say on Tomorrow, but with only 4 tracks or so to do it in. Resistance is Futile allows them to fully capture what they wanted to do. But, there are parts of this album that seem a little overshadowed “What Once Was”, among other tracks, seemed like filler. Beautifully played filler, but filler nonetheless. Furthermore, it seemed like a lot of the songs sounded similar, too similar to be picked out of a crowd. When you hear “Of Foam and Wave” by Caspian, you know what song it is. Songs like “Insignificant Numbers” and “Richard D. Anderson” were maybe the only two songs that I could pick out of a line-up.

Rating: So, yeah, that’s the entire album in a nutshell: good, consistent work with nothing really leaving you with “remember that track…?”. Listening to this album, you remember the beginning two tracks, which are stellar, the first time you hear vocals, and then the end. Not bad at all for the debut album of Oh Hiroshima. I am giving it a 3.75/5, the first time I’ve ever used 1/4 increments. but I feel like these guys deserve a step-up from their previous release. I look forward to hearing your next album.



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