Liferuiner- Sons of Straight Edge EP (2011)

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Well, this had been a long time coming. With all the drama and the shitty American cover bands, Liferuiner has finally come back, and in a big way. No longer the guys who can’t understand the alphabet nor make people drink urine, J. O’Cal & Co. have turned a corner in their music maturity, and the time and effort put into this certainly shows. To be honest, I loved the old Liferuiner, but this is, by far, their best work yet. I got chills when listening to the title track, and the entire release is just as heavy as they used to be. What’s changed is their lyrical content, now with meaning and passion, and not just anger. In addition, they’ve gotten more experimental with their guitar riffs, especially in the tracks “1990” and the title track. The sleeper on this album is “Revolution”, which is up-tempo cover of the classic Beatles song with slightly changed lyrics (if you don’t know who Harper is, read a book or watch the news). I did not know what to expect going into it, but I came out not only with a chuckle (both at the lyric change and the improbability of Liferuiner doing a Beatles cover) but a heap of respect for them.

Rating: I just got this EP and I’m already in love. I had heard 3 of the tracks prior (via the music videos), but it just wasn’t a complete picture until I had heard the entire thing. With a nod to the past (“Revolution”), and a look at what’s to come, (“1990”), Liferuiner has proven that they are one of the most versatile hardcore bands today. Without question, this deserves a 4/5 kegs. Great work, guys.



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