Book Of Sand – The Face of The Waters

Posted: December 9, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, album stream, Band, Black Metal, Reviews
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Book of Sand: a story by Jorge Luis Borges about a monstrosity that has no beginning or end, a monstrosity that, if burned, could destroy the entire world. Much like the infernal tome, Book Of Sand play Black Metal that is haunting, atmospheric and, at times, disturbing. The album starts out with an ominous, solitary guitar but quickly builds up into a maelstrom of  shrieks, rapid picking up, and only builds from there. Cellos swell in and out, and with themes of Anti-nationalist, Anti-racist and pro-VHEMT woven in the lyrics. Face The Waters is meant to be listened to as one piece instead of individual songs, so be patient. This is not your older brothers black metal; in fact, I found it to be more unnerving than their cold, Nordic musical ancestors and a different, yet welcome  change in sonic direction then previous releases. Face The Waters is definitely is not for the meek. I am not posting a download link, so head to their bandcamp and pre-order this record already.
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