Astronautalis – This is Our Science (2011)

Posted: October 24, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Every time I write a new article, it’s a crap shoot.  Either I’ll bring you all something great to listen to, or I’ll make myself look like an idiot through my review. I don’t generally review hip-hop, but I feel like there are select artists that deserve to be covered. Hell, this is Is This Revolutionary?. We piss on labels.

Never underestimate a great first song, for it’s what leads the listener into the rest of the album. Astronautalis has “The River, The Woods”, which exploded. It was absolutely incredible. Without it, I may have never even would have given this album a chance (minus a friend’s personal recommendation, of course) .The chorus had this great old Against Me! sounding pairing between lyrics and complementing exclamations.

I now can see why Astronautalis is so well-received: he has such a conscienceness to his lyrics. Much in the same vein as artists such as Sole, his words convey a meaning far beyond the stereotypical selfish and flashy (often violent) images portrayed by mainstream media. Where the difference lies is that Mr. Charles Bothwell doesn’t dive too deep into politics, but rather explores the depths of emotions. With a voice similar to Buck65, not ONE of these songs sound similar, and range between pure hip-hop to indie rock.

Rating: What I love about this album is the reason so many people I know disliked it: it wasn’t a stereotypical hip-hop album. To go from start to finish encompasses so many different sounds and moods that it’s difficult to pin it down. In a world where everything must be classified and filed under a specific label in order to fit into the music world, it’s nice to see someone break the boundaries of hip-hop and music itself to bring something original, thought-provoking and just overall a great listening experience. I don’t know if I can call it the best album of 2011 yet, but it definitely will take the cake for best hip-hop record (save something coming completely out of left field). 5/5 kegs

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