Moby- Wait for Me: Ambient (2009)

Posted: October 17, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Yeah, so I’m a fan of Moby. If you’re a fan, then you’re probably going to like this. If you’re not a fan of Moby, and you are a fan of ambient music, then this will still be right up your alley.

This blog tends to go in polar opposites, I seem to devote most of my posts to post-rock/instrumental music, whereas Ricky likes is hard and noisy (and if Joe was here with all of us today, he’d probably cover indie). So do not be surprised that I put this up, not out of my love for Moby, but out of my appreciation for ambient music. Still Blue Still Turning pretty much got me on a streak right now, and Wait for Me: Ambient fits right in.

To say that this ambient version bares no similarity to the regular version of Wait for Me would be ignorant, but at the same time, it feels like a whole other album altogether. I found the track “Stay Down (Ambient)” via You are listening to New York, and there I found a different side to Moby, one that doesn’t have an electronic dance feel. Wait for Me: Ambient brings all the structural and creative genius that brought me one of my favorite Moby albums ever (Destroyed was only okay) and combines it with a slowed down and muted sound. Much of this album consists of string instruments and synthesize, but some of the usual vocal arrangements and sample tracks were not left out. What I liked most about this album is that it brought a new take on singles that came off this album (“Shot In the Back of the Head” [watch the music video, David Lynch is a genius], “Pale Horse”) and presented them in a completely different light.

Rating: I will not give this album a rating out of 5 because it is not an original work, but rather a disk included in the Deluxe Edition of Wait for Me. What I will do is say that this album is seriously good if you just want to chill out and listen to something calming, yet familiar.

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