I Am In Love- Call Me An Animal EP (2011)

Posted: October 13, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Dance, Generes, Reviews
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A couple of years ago, I would have turned this off, discounting this as total rubbish. Granted, a few years ago, I was only listening to awful music and wasn’t writing this blog, so I’d have no idea of other quality music outside my limited scope of genres.

I Am In Love is a band that I’d assume is band that there is no neutral feelings about; the vocal range of their vocalist and the type of music they play leaves the listener on one side of the fence or the other, much like bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Sigor Ros. Anyone who is familiar with those two bands will probably get a kick out of the comparison, given the vast degrees of differences. The fact still remains that anyone who hated this band, starting with “I Want You”, need not read this review, because you’re getting more of the same.

Phew, now the bad seeds have left. I Am In Love brings the dance club beats and high-pitched vocals to a new level with Call Me An Animal EP, a very impressive display of talent from a band I seriously thought was going to never progress. They seemed so talented in “I Want You” that I never saw them straying from the path. Now, I Am In Love sounds like one of 65daysofstatic’s 2 latest releases with powerful, catchy vocals over it, and I am seriously in love (if someone can kill me now, please do).

Call Me An Animal EP seems so much darker than what I had heard prior, touching on love and loss and bitterness and a whole host of feelings I never thought possible in this type of music. Coming from someone who never particularly cared for electronic music, the emotional complexity coming from this album was stellar. Not only that, but the vocalist’s falsetto was breath-taking and completely fit in with the music (which is also strange for me to like, seeing as I generally dislike falsetto vocals [took me so long to get into the previously-mentioned Sigor Ros]).  Having listened to this album 3 times, I can tell you that you will NOT get bored. Every time around, you will always pick out something new to hold onto until it comes around again (3 tracks don’t take very long). Anyone who believe me on the whole 65daysofstatic reference should definitely listen to We Were Exploding Anyway and think about how great these vocals would have gone to it (not that I ever truly endorse vocals over instrumental music to begin with).

Rating: I cannot blame anyone for getting lost in this review; it’s filled with my thoughts through now the 5th go around, and all I can say is that this album is spectacular. Anyone who is a fan of electronic music and good vocals will totally get behind this album. Anyone else, well, they can go scratch. A very confident 4/5.


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