Still Blue Still Turning- American Artist (2011)

Posted: September 26, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Minmal. Because the second “i” would just be too much.

Life has a funny way of working itself out. After much mutual Twitter respect between Still Blue Still Turning and I (our political views and musical tastes are strikingly similar), I actually got to hang out with these guys at the Signal Hill/CALLS/Twincities show. Having listened to both of their albums thoroughly prior to meeting them, I can tell where they were coming from: we were all twenty-somethings from sub/urban New York living in a time of social unrest and economic turmoil. All that aside, we shared a round (and a pizza), and I think I truly hit the essence of our connection: just as I attempt to do with my blog, they try to show that there is still some beauty in this world. Pure, simplistic beauty.

American Artist is the second full-length release from Still Blue Still Turning, and they haven’t slowed down (ironic choice of words, I know). Look, simply put is that these guys are pretty much the soundtrack for every dream I’ve had for the past week. Their sound isn’t unique, seeing as there are a lot of minimalist musicians, but the difference is truly the angelic feel of many of their songs. Take “Level”, the 31-minute monster of a track. The ambient flow is truly divine [pun intended], as the soundscape just whisks you away to another world. Don’t be fooled, however, by this description: their songs sometimes are played over speeches and broadcasts, such as the J.F.K. assassination, which momentarily jars the listener from any sort of peaceful trance they may be in. This isn’t gimmicky, however, because the music playing really serves a purpose by drowning out other outside noises, allowing you to assess the situation in its entirety and ponder the value of life and love.

Rating: I can’t give ratings on how much I like the people involved in the music, otherwise this band would be getting a perfect score. However, the album was seriously a good listen for anyone who just wants to be alone with their thoughts, is trying to fall asleep, or is in the process of making his/her latest Pokemon team (if you didn’t already know that’s what I do while listening to an album the first time). Either way, American Artist gets a 4/5 kegs.



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