Listener- Wooden Heart (2010)

Posted: September 19, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Listener is what Dan Smith calls “Talk Music”. Essentially, this involved Smith performing one of his many magnificent poems over a variety of different types of music. From post-rock to banjo, Listener’s got it all.

You listen to the first song and you think someone put an insane person’s rant to music. Although an interesting concept, Smith’s spontaneous shouting is part of the charm. And the lyrics, oh, the lyrics, they are of the utmost beauty. As me (infuriating, see bottom) friend remarked, “It seems like you can quote 12-12 things Smith says per song and be absolutely floored. Like, jaw-dropped.” And that’s not to understate the rest of what he has to say. He has a flow and delivery like Buddy Wakefield, but it’s his singing that really takes Listener to a whole new level. He sounds like an unprofessional Adam Duritz (of the Counting Crows) with a southern twang to his pronunciation, which makes him sound more like your best friend than a man on a recording. The banjo complements his voice (seeing as he is from Arkansas), but his speech and content fit more of the post-rock atmosphere he delivers on a number of the songs. Great lyrics, unique sounds, and true passion makes Wooden Heart an album to pick up.

Rating: I promised myself I’d grade harsher. I was tired of giving out consistent high ratings; it made us look like a positive-review vending machine where you submit a release and you get a good word. I really felt like most of them deserved what I gave them, but I have never felt as strongly as this. Wooden Heart gets a 5/5 kegs.



My friend showed me a song from this album months ago, and so I looked up the entire thing. We re-listened to it last night, and he called me a liar for saying I had listened to it previously. Uh…okay, you are the lord of Listener. Enjoy your crown. /endrant

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