A Troop of Echoes- Days In Automation (2010)

Posted: August 23, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Okay, right off the bat, this band should hate me. I told them IN APRIL that I was going to have a review done. Well, needless to say, I failed miserably. I’m just happy I didn’t let it slip fully through my hands like I have done to so many other bands I’ve just royally screwed up on. Let’s put the past behind us, shall we?

Let me beat you over the head with this word: saxophone. Saxophone? Saxophone. Saxophone. Saxophone. Saxophone. Saxophone. Saxophone. You will hear this band and not think, Oh, this is A Troop of Echoes. When you describe this band to your equally-nerdy buddies, this will be “that saxophone band”. They take that theme and they run with it.

A Troop of Echoes comes right out of the gate with some serious energy in “Analog Astronaut”, knocking anyone who wasn’t expecting what they were bringing completely on their backs. I have to admit, some parts of this album are really freaking cool. The concept of a saxophone-lead rock band was creative, and original, in this age of standard 3/4/5 piece, guitar, bass, drums rock bands. And sometimes, whoever behind that hunk of brass really Kenny G’s it out. It swirls and dances around the rest of the instruments, which would be cool if it didn’t seem so out of place and jarring sometimes. In certain instances, it just jutted out from the rest of the music, clashing rather than complementing, making it sound like that cheesy sound effect when something goes wrong in a 90’s cartoon.

But, when they hit their stride, they are unstoppable. I wasn’t given much hope after 2 songs, and then “End Over End” came on. The sax just went beautifully, really driving the music without screaming, “Hey, look, I’m different!” The guitar hook was equally as promising, and even when the saxophone jammed out a little bit, it just went so in sync with the rest. By the end of the song, I was obligated to hit the replay button just to make sure it was as good as I heard it the first time. The middle of “Hollywood Red” was so right on as well.

Rating: A Troop of Echoes is a band that is seriously hit-or-miss. When they’re noisy and messy, it can sound like a natural disaster on recording. However, there is some great talent that could come from this group. Like a child with a lot of promise, sure, they may screw up a bunch of times and make mistakes, but you can see some serious potential peak out behind the curtain of youth. I can’t rate this attempt too high because there are quite a number of flaws, maybe not technical, but from the average listener’s aspect. But I cannot stress enough that I can see a lot of good stuff coming from this band in the future. Just give this band time, and I see no reason why they can’t produce masterpieces. 2.5/5.



  1. Hey dude,

    Thanks for the writeup! Its always helpful to get a fresh perspective!

    One minor thing, for whatever reason it seems like you were listening to the album out of order – maybe it got alphabetized? The correct order is:
    1 Hollywood Red
    2 Golden Gears
    3 Providence Public Defender
    4 Sungazing
    5 Little Bird
    6 Analog Astronaut
    7 End Over End
    8 New Breath
    9 Ascenders

    I can definitely see how listening in alphabetical order could be pretty jarring!

    Thanks again!
    Dan / Troop

  2. […] a feel of completion. I once butchered a review because I listened to the album in the wrong order (A Troop of Echos [made me like it more, not enough to change my grade]). In track #6, “More Questions Than […]

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