The Dear Hunter – Act III (Life and Death)

Posted: August 17, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted

Hey everyone!! I haven’t posted in about two months…and I apologize to Ben for this. I’ve been really busy with a couple things including a summer spanish class, recording the debut Ocean Architecture album, dealing with Until Sunrise issues (let’s just say we’re gonna be on hiatus for a little while) and booking a USA tour for a band coming from Belgium.

Anyway, I’ve been saving this post for a very special album called Act III by a progressive rock/indie rock band The Dear Hunter.

I discovered this record about a year ago, and I keep coming back to it, even when I think I’m sick of it. It’s one of those albums that stays fresh no matter how many times you listen to it on repeat. From the choral opening of “Writing on a Wall” to the beautiful piano outro of “Life and Death”, it’s bound to keep the listener interested. The band is lead by songwriting genius Casey Crescenzo, who sings, plays the keys and writes the music. Every track on this album is incredible. Although, the tracks that will make you think differently about progressive rock, pop, and even music in general would be “What it Means to be Alone,” “The Tank*”, “The Thief” and the “Son/Father/Life and Death” suite. Act III is simply one of those albums that anyone could appreciate. To anyone who hates experimental music: this will mostly change your opinion of it.

*One of my favorite songs of all time and the chorus would make any man sob. Period.

Raiting: A big ol’ 5/5


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