Heinali and Matt Finney- Ain’t No Night (2011)

Posted: August 16, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I’ve had this baby for a while. Not that I didn’t want to review it, but I just didn’t want to put it up without an album cover. Thanks to my own desire to indulge in my anger and brooding and reminders by Matt Finney (if he didn’t remind me, this never would have gotten up), I’m finally proud to present you Ain’t No Night, the newest production by my favorite (and probably the only) spoken-word/shoegaze combo.

Heinali and Matt Finney are revolutionary in their own right. I’ve never before heard of a band consisting of one poet and one actual musician. And the fact that they’ve never met (live, like, 10,000,000 miles away [exaggeration]) makes this album even more of a surprise. But, it’s a match made in heaven: Heinali’s heavy, deep shoegaze power, unlike anything I’ve heard before, mashes with Mr. Finney’s brooding and gut-wrenching prose to make an experience that’s just unreal.

Conjoined took me on my own personal emotional roller coaster one winter night, alone, in my bedroom. I felt lost, I felt discouraged, I felt sadness and anger pour into me with every word that spill from Matt’s lips. I didn’t leave my bed for three hours the next morning (thankfully, it was a weekend). Thankfully, I’m not living immediately post-break up like when I listened to Conjoined (that killed me). But, I’ve been on a documentary kick, especially ones on 9/11 conspiracies. Whenever I listen to these guys, it always comes at a very appropriate time in my life.

Ain’t No Night takes another slash at my already sore heartstrings. Not going to lie, sometimes Mr. Finney speaks for me in a way I could never imagine. His words embody my anger, my fear, my sorrow and my hopes. This album spans a multitude of different topics, including death, religion, government and loss of faith. I constantly interview this guy, completely unintentional, and he says something that pretty much sums up the entire album:

It’s mostly just me feeling like I can’t change all that’s wrong in this world and make it safe for my family, you know? I’m powerless against all this shit, no matter who I vote for or how many times I talk about it in a song.

There’s not really much I can say about his writing that I haven’t already said, other than you can’t fake what he’s writing. The feeling you get from reading and listening to his verses hits a sort of human feeling that you just can’t duplicate on a whim. It needs to be felt in order to be expressed.

Heinali definitely stepped up his game with this newest album. His sound is so much heavier, much more complex, and complements Finney’s word’s beautifully. On “Ain’t No Night”, he branches out, however, and takes up a lone guitar to give the song a more county feel, which was so unique and cool-sounding. According to Finney, they’re going to get even louder with their next album, which makes me shudder to think of. The piano on “Hallelujah” is a nice touch to break up the constant walls of sound that he relies on for a lot of this album.

Rating: This album really blew me away, if you couldn’t already tell. Their sound gets better and better with every latest release, and I’m excited that they’re not slowing down. My only criticism with this album is that his flow is exactly the same every time. It’s dramatic, sure, but I feel like he’s got something up his sleeve he’s just not ready to pull out yet. Nevertheless, Ain’t No Night is an incredible work. 4.5/5 kegs.



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