Collapse Under The Empire & Mooncake- Black Moon Empire (2011)

Posted: August 2, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Not much hasn’t been said about these bands. I took this review because I knew it’d be kind of biased if Joe from Until Sunrise (an Oxide Tones band) reviewed a split between two fellow Oxide Tones members.

This is a very solid split between two really good post-rock bands. Both of Mooncake’s contributions came from their full-length or their Cast The Route single. The Collapse Under The Empire releases are new, but are just as great as you’d expect from the German post-rock titans. Their joint song, “Black Moon Empire”, will give you chills, I guarantee it.

Rating: I didn’t have much to say about this split because not only was it so incredible that this is what you’ve come to expect from both bands, but 2/5 of the songs I had heard previously. They were powerful, beautiful, traditional and modern electronic, all in the same breath. Definitely pick this one up, just to hold you off until Mooncake releases their next album.



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