Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud- Self-Titled (2011)

Posted: July 29, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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This is one of those albums that I found on my computer and have absolutely no idea where it came from. My best friend’s girl likes the band on Facebook, but I think she just liked the name and hasn’t a clue what music they play. Having no background on this band whatsoever, there’s nothing to do than just review.

E.S.L.H.A.C. is a very long name for a band with not a lot of presence. They don’t exactly explode at you with any sort of great force or heavy guitar riffs. The style is actually pretty basic: slow build-ups into a louder ending. I don’t think that they’re looking to blow you away however; S/T  drops electric guitar chords in the middle of somber songs just for accent, and that’s a style that I don’t see a lot of in post-rock today. As for song structure, there isn’t much as far as complexity goes. What they do bring to the table is a unique soundscape, one you can get lost in for quite a while. Maybe it’s because I’m tired, unmedicated and lonely, but I found myself a thousand miles away in my thoughts during “Motionless”, a song with many similarities to “Asa” by Caspian.

Rating: Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud isn’t a bad band by any stretch of the imagination. They’re very talented musicians, and to say that this album is garbage would be massively selling these guys short. What this album really lacks, however, is anything new. The little tricks they pulled out just weren’t enough to single this band out amongst all the others. Overall, an album to just mellow out to and do something productive to. 3/5 kegs.



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