Jackie Chain- Who Da Mane (2010)

Posted: July 28, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Ricky’s going to kill me for this, but I felt compelled to put this up.

Now anyone who’s been following hip-hop lately have been noticing a strange 6 degrees of separation from this man right here. Wiz Khalifa, mentioned in “HAZE”, has hit the big time. Twice. Big Sean and Kid Cudi, both from Cleveland, are now very prominent in the hip-hop scene, and both have been linked with Jackie Chain, either directly or indirectly. I would definitely put Alabama’s son, Jackie Chain, on the list as one of the next underground rappers that are going to make it big.

Who Da Mane has a little old and a little new in it. Anyone who’s been following since “Diamonds and Cadillacs” and earlier has heard “Mack A Bitch” and the bonus track “Rollin'” [sometimes featuring Kid Cudi]. Quaint, southern rap with his perfect accent, the half-Asian and Caucasian Jackie Chain brings a sound that’s common, but entertaining. What I wasn’t expecting was songs like “Longway Ft. D Love” and most importantly, “Livin’ It Up Ft. Assasyn & Steve Knight”. These two songs brake away from the sound so familiar with the youth of today. The beats are good, but the difference is the actual music itself.  It’s as peaceful, slow and chill as has been made, and a break off of the annoying, repetitive samples used in many of today’s mainstream tracks (think “6 Foot 7” by Lil’ Wayne and understand).

Rating: So overall, you’ve got a part Asian, part white southerner rapping about weed, women, pimping and just overall good times. Not something incredibly revolutionary, I get it. Where the difference lies is the heart involved in making each and every single song he’s made. I guarantee that every song off this album (maybe except for “Cuz It Feel Good Ft. Attitude & Chinky Brown” [Not a fan]) could be a chart hit because you can hear the effort in each beat and each rhyme he makes. I’ve played this album over and over again (to the point that I had to stop for a month because I was going to kill it), and each time, you can hear what puts Jackie Chain in a league above most. 4/5 kegs.



  1. […] What happens when you mix Asian, Caucasian, African-American and a whole lot of expensive cars? Jackie Chain’s newest single, “Parked Outside” which features the impressive Bun B. and was produced by Big K.R.I.T.. My favorite Southern Rapper BY FAR holds it down once again. The single just hit iTunes, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, catch it below. And if you didn’t pick up his last album, check out out review of Jackie Chain’s Who Da Mane. […]

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