Rest In Peace- Signals To Vega [Ex-Some Are Gods] (2011) [ITR? Exclusive Downloads]

Posted: July 27, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Band, Interview, Reviews
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Something has been off for the past month. I didn’t know what it was until just this morning. I was informed of the news about a month ago, and I have just kept it all inside, but I feel like I’m more upset about this than I should be.

Signals To Vega started out as Some Are Gods, a band we featured quite frequently here at Is This Revolutionary?. The reason why is that on top of them being such great guys, their demo touched me in a way that few bands truly have, and it was only their demo. I just felt so alive listening to those three songs, and I couldn’t wait for them to finally make it big. There were so many times, if I wanted to escape, I’d put on their music and just drive around for hours. Each note struck something inside my head and inside my heart, and it has been a feeling I’ve never let go.

Then, a short while ago, Some Are Gods switched their name to Signals To Vega. I was informed by David McMichael that I’d never hear those songs ever again. I was heartbroken, but he assured me his new stuff was going to blow me away. He sent me over a ten-minute song, and I got chills every minute. They hadn’t lost their touch, and expanded upon their sound in a way I couldn’t even imagine. I jumped on the Signals To Vega bandwagon…

…until it fell off. I woke up from a nap to Dave’s text, and I couldn’t believe it. I jumped on my computer, and I saw their final message:

After certain situations prevented us from keep doing what we love to do, we’ve decided to lay the band to rest. What’s done is done. THANK YOU to everyone we have played with, ran into, hung out with, and everyone that has enjoyed our demo and supported us. You will never be forgotten.

-David, Joe, Ricky & Derek

Jaw dropped, mind in total disbelief, I jumped right into that Some Are God’s demo like I had before and got lost for one last time. I haven’t had the courage to listen to it since, and maybe some of you may think I’m a freak, but knowing the band is over is more upsetting than I like to admit. I watched them grow, and they watched ITR? grow, and it just felt so right. I felt like I needed some closure, so here it is:

In this post, I’m enclosing not only the download and link to the Some Are Gods Demo, but also the last song Signals To Vega ever wrote, never before released. I feel like anyone listening should listen to what was up ahead for these guys. The good news is that the band has issued the statement of “It’s not a permanent thing… we will be reunited in due time”. As for now, let it change your life as it has changed mine.

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