We Can’t Win- Blacksheep E.P. (2011)

Posted: July 25, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, hardcore, Long Island, Reviews
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[Author’s note: the E.P. was previously titled Don’t Be A F****T. I was just informed it was changed. Apologies all around.]

First, I’d like to say, it’s really fucking good to be back. I mean, I’ve had all this desire to write for this blog for about a month, and I’m finally back on the horse. I missed each and every single one of you, all of the Family?, and especially my buddies Ricky and Joe, who watered this seedling every other week (way below necessary) [Author’s note: I love them both, and they know it].

Second, I’d like to reintroduce We Can’t Win, one of the last Long Island hardcore bands that bring something interesting to the table. Where as xRepresentx has used the same format for a hardcore song for the past BAJILLION years (though I love them nonetheless), We Can’t Win always seem to improve upon their previous sound. Boof This Demo, their first demo we reviewed, was good, but it really doesn’t hold a candle to this release. Their production quality even sounded better (unless I’m mental and they didn’t change a thing). The songs just kind of fit the theme started by the album art, about violence, perseverance and just being a man.

To really understand this band, though, you’d need to see them live and meet the members face to face. They’re some really good guys; they are a bunch of goofballs who really just look to have fun. Watching them live captures their essence: vocalist Johnny D. jokes around with the rest of the members and gets laughs out of everyone, even if you’re in the pit (one guy stopped dancing, just started cracking up and went into the crowd). In a way, their last song explains their whole mentality: hardcore isn’t for asshole tough-guys who want to start fights by crowd-killing and hate moshing. Their band satirizes the stereotypical hardcore band by the way they play and the titles they pick, but they’re really similar to a heavier version of Good Clean Fun. And honestly, it’s about time hardcore started being fun again. [Author’s note: I hope I wasn’t wrong about all of that.]

Rating: 3.5/5 kegs



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