Feature Friday: The Ascent of Everest

Posted: May 27, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted

J: How did The Ascent of Everest start? Did you guys all meet at MTSU?

Devin: I was coming out of a period of being in a whole lot of bands and not looking to start another one. Actually I was trying really hard not to join another band. We all went to school at MTSU at one point or another.

J: I loved your most recent effort “From This Vantage.” Could we be seeing any new material soon?

Devin: Thanks lots, yeah it’s coming up on the year marker since FTV and we’re really inching to get back into the studio, and as of right now we’re planning to do that over the summer. With FTV, it’s an issue of choosing which material will actually get cut on the record, as well as trying to get something thats representive of everything the band has to offer, but we have been considering doing a much larger release so we can do something broader in scope then FTV which moves kind of quickly thru allot of different teritory, mostly so we could fit it on a single LP, which at 180 grams doesn’t give you near as much time as say a double CD.

J: Can we look forward to a full band tour this year?

Devin: Yes we’re going to tour regionally and play a handful of nashville tours and then as of right now east coast and europe again in october and east coast europe and the UK in March of 2012

J: What are your thoughts on the independent music scene in Nashville? Is it difficult to be an independent musician in Nashville?

Devin: It’s been tough finding bands that fit a bill with us in town but if you look around long enough in any town you’ll find bands that you admire and enjoy playing with even if they’re not “like you” genre-wise. Makes for more interesting shows anyhow. nashvilles a muscians town, everyone plays, everyone knows lots about music. i think that because nothings totally left-field to anyone makes them willing to appeciate what a band really has to offer not just focus on style or genre lines.

J: You guys have been rising in the scene, playing with bands like A Silver Mt. Zion and receiving tons of positive press. Where do you think the band is heading next?

Devin: I can’t say for sure as it always seems to surprise me. Our interest has always been in making the music of the future without loosing the sincerity of all the music that impacted us so deeply, inspiring us to want to create music in the first place. We want to share this experience with everyone we can and we’re glad that we’ve had all the opportunitys to make the music we want with out having to compromise

J: What is your favorite The Ascent of Everest song to play live?

I could never choose, it’s great playing new songs to old fans and know that they’ve really hit the mark. We tend to get really excited about presenting new material and when we get that same excitement back it’s a great feeling you’re on the right track.

This band is incredible. Their album From This Vantage received five kegs from me. You can purchase their two albums here.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ascent-of-Everest/210910098439

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/theascentofeverest

LastFm: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Ascent+of+Everest


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