Oh Hiroshima- Tomorrow (2010)

Posted: May 25, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Oh Hiroshima is a post-rock band from Kristinehamn, Sweden formed in 2006. Essentially what happened is I missed the first EP and found them somehow. Maybe it was a site, maybe it was a friend, I don’t know. I lose track of these things. All I know is that their below 100 fans on Facebook is selling them a little short.

The band takes a lot of what I don’t like and fuses them with things that I love about post-rock, and it mashes up for a pretty good album, I’ll give it back. As anyone who’s ever read any review I’ve written notes, I cannot stand vocals in my post-rock. What I like about this band is that they allow the vocals to complement the sound instead of forcing them on the music or awkwardly fitting them in. Sometimes, vocals just overpower the music, or it was so apparent that they wrote the lyrics first and then attempt to fit a song around it that it just infuriates me. This band, however, places the vocals in the background, almost being covered by the music completely. This adds a layer of depth to their music, and his voice also doesn’t sound incredibly generic, which is a good thing. The first track, “Awakening” is an absolute killer. The accent vocals they used blew me away, and their use of bass brought a flavor that I very rarely see. The rest of the album flowed so beautifully that it sometimes is hard to tell song from song, which is truly its only downfall. Not only does the album flow well, but they also prove that they don’t exactly need vocals, because their song “Rest” shows their lack of dependency on the voice.

Rating: This album has a lot of positives. It’s pleasing to hear such a band that can drive forward an album without any gimmicks or…ugh, rely on vocals. The days of purely instrumental post-rock are coming to a close sooner than I’d like to believe, but I think I’d be proud to have these guys leading the way. They bring a passion that isn’t really felt now a days. The only complaints are the flow, which was so good that the songs didn’t separate, and the length, which was only 4 song. But what a great 4 songs they were. 3.5/5 for the men from Sweden.

[Author’s note: the Russian judge gave a 1. She’s a bitch, don’t listen to her.]



  1. Prix Luciole says:

    oh my! i just have listened to the cd and i love it, thank you so much!

  2. […] is Futile is Oh Hiroshima’s debut album, and I refused to look back at my review of their EP as to not get any ideas stuck in my head prior to me listening to it through. What I found is that […]

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