Nyctalgia – Time Changed Everything (2009)

Posted: May 24, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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My good friend, and fellow musician, Tanner showed me Nyctalgia; He stumbled upon them when first discovering post rock, and really loved their music. I’ve had this debut EP by the Swiss group floating around on my iTunes for the longest time, and never really got to listen to it carefully until recently.

Time Changed Everything is a very ambient, synth and piano driven release, similar to the soundscapes created by Mono and early Sigur Ros. Each track is similar in sound, but have their individual distinctive, beautiful qualities. The slide guitar on the track “Time Changed Everything” is enough to make a first-time listener weep, and the lush, layered guitars on “Falling Into Nothingness” pushes the listener into an abyss of sound.

The entire recording is very bleak and dreary, using sad progressions, thunderstorm samples, and dark piano riffs. Everything is masked in reverb, which allows for a unifying sound throughout. My two favorite tracks are the ones I mentioned above, “Time Changed Everything” and “Falling Into Nothingness”.

Nyctalgia’s Time Changed Everything is nothing brand new, but definitely a deeper exploration into the universe that is ambient music. This is definitely a great start for this group, and I expect an amazing debut album! Recommended for fans of new Ulver, Sigur Ros, Mono, and Telephon Tel Aviv.



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