The End of The Ocean – Pacific.Atlantic (2011)

Posted: May 20, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I’ve been putting out so many positive reviews lately. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s summertime, I’m done with school, and I get to look forward to fun things in the coming months; I must be in a great mood, listening to great music. I decided to check out my buddies’ work: The End of the Ocean’s new full length debut album, Pacific.Atlantic. My band was supposed to play a couple shows with them and Sunlight Ascending this coming June (we had to drop out due to my band’s conflicts). Because The End of the Ocean seemed like another of the million post rock bands out there these days, I expected average; this recording is definitely not average. I was in such a bad mood today, but all of that turned around when I started listening…

Pacific.Atlantic starts off rolling immediately, like driving far across the southern countryside on a dark highway. The rain is pouring, and magnificent bolts of lighting illuminate the sky. You’ve been driving through the night, and it is almost dawn. The clouds clear away s soon as the sun crests the horizon, and then a surge of extraordinary happiness fills you, as you finally get home (as the title suggests)…

Every track on this album bursts with emotion and vivid imagery (in combination with the song titles: in my opinion, song titles with instrumental music is extremely important, and these guys did a great job in this department). This is the type of album I wish there was more of.

The technical side of things:

The production is really crisp, but not over processed. The performances are near perfect, not at all robotic. It has a perfect runtime of 48 mins, any longer and It would’ve started to drag out, and any less it would feel less like an album and more like an EP. The standout tracks here are “On the Long Road Home”, “Worth Everything Ever Wished For”, “Southern Skies” (I’m not gonna lie, the part towards the end with the electronic percussion made me tear up a bit), and “A Dividing Line”. All the tracks are awesome, but these were the ones that made me throw my head around the most. They use strings and keys in a really unique way, evident on every track. The way they construct and build their songs is also very different and refreshing. I never felt like I was waiting too long for a climax to happen or for a climax to end for that matter. Everything about the record has a charm and shine to it that makes it stand out as a post rock record in a way that’s impossible to describe.

Rating: Many new post rock bands want to be just like the big ones, so they crank out some ambiance, pretty tremolo picked notes above the generic down-tempo 3/4 drum beats and some samples, and they have an album: they’re trying too hard to make post rock, and not putting enough effort into making music. This is different. The End of the Ocean managed to craft beautiful, but refreshingly unique and MEMORABLE tunes: ones that get stuck in your head, and make you wanting to come back for more. Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros did it early in the last decade, and The End of the Ocean are doing it in the beginning of this one.



Author’s Note: Future Recordings has been cranking out good ones. My other perfect score was The Ascent of Everest – From This Vantage, another Future Recordings release. [Editor’s Note: Cool story, bro.]

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