Filippenko – Fat Kid Fantasy (2011)

Posted: May 17, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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I don’t just love post-rock and experimental music; in fact, I’ve been into a ton of pop-punk and ska lately. Though I’m back in Maryland, I’ve been living in Tennessee over the last year and have found some great local gems in the Nashville/Murfeesboro/Chattanooga music scene. Filippenko is one of these awesome locals.

Filippenko is a ska-punk band fresh out of Tennessee. The bass player, Tyler Parrow, goes to MTSU with me and asked me to come out to a couple of their shows. Although I expected them to sound very predictable and generic, like many of the bands from this scene, I was pleasantly surprised. Filippenko’s music is like a perfect and unique fusion of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reel Big Fish and The Wonder Years. So, when Tyler handed me the finished debut, I was definitely excited to check it out.

Fat Kid Fantasy is a really awesome debut recording. The production is gritty, but still professional sounding, and the album flows very well track by track. All of the songs are very distinct from one another and never feels repetitive. The performances by each of the members isn’t perfect, but doesn’t detract from the music. The most impressive aspect of the CD is the songwriting; every song is memorable, and the band steps away from standard song structure. They do away with boring progressions by incorporating longer phrases and uncommon chords (diminished chords for example) into their songs. They write great intros, extended bridges, and throw in a couple breakdowns here and there. The lyrics are very fun and never too serious.

If I have one complaint about this CD, it would be the vocal performance. Guitarist/Vocalist Chad, sometimes drifts out of key. His voice is great on many of the tracks, but there are moments where the voice sounds dull and unrehearsed. The thing is though, there are moments on the CD that he sung BETTER live.

Rating: This is a great debut CD. Filippenko finally presents a fresh sound to the ska-punk scene, and I’m confident that they could establish a much bigger fan base with a little bit of exposure. The standout tracks are Lastsummer, The Ballad of DIE! DINO! DIE!, Time Capsule, and (my personal favorite) That’ll Do Pig. Definitely a great listen! Do me a favor and click that download link.


  1. Tyler Parrow says:

    Thanks for giving us a review Joe, it means a bunch. Also, for future reference, it’s “Bassist” not “Bass Player.” 😛

  2. says:

    This band seemed okay except for Chad stealing songs from the bassist/lead singer of his band right before this one.

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