The Fierce And The Dead – If It Carries On Like This, We Are Moving To Morecambe (2011)

Posted: May 16, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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The most beautiful thing about running a small music blog is that I never have to censor myself. There’s no good PR reviews I have to do because no one actually really cares about the opinion of Is This Revolutionary?.

That is, of course, save a select few. Take Matt Stevens, for example. Jeez, I don’t know how we even got acquainted; either he found us through someone else’s review or I found him through Twitter, I really can’t remember. All I know is that he’s a great guy, a great musician and he truly cares about what we have to say. So when he sent over The Fierce & The Dead’s latest release, I knew I had to give it the same careful consideration he gives all of our posts. This is what I came up with:

The Fierce & The Dead always seem to push the boundaries of post-rock. Maybe it’s Matt Stevens’ creative genius, maybe it’s because they secretly have no idea what they are doing, I don’t know. All I know is that no TF&TD album ever sounds similar. This album, which I refuse to continuously write out the title to because it’s so obnoxiously long, proves that point to the fullest, even leaving the Gods of Post-Rock stroking their beards in awe.

IICOLTWAMTM, even in formatting, is written differently than other post-rock albums. Rarely does a song reach the 5 minute mark, with the longest song just surpassing six minutes. Their song structure features a lot less of that spacy build-up every long haired twenty-something with a delay pedal drools over. What they bring is a simple, down to Earth insrtumentals. And that’s not to say they’re simple: most of their songs feature complex bass lines, beautiful guitar work and a drummer that’s next to flawless.

Honestly, this album has a little bit for everyone. I know if I showed Ricky “Landcrab”, with it’s driving bass and 80’s hardcore-punk feel, he’d be in love. My favorite song, however, is “10×10”, which was the single that I heard so long ago and loved. But, if you want extremely out of the ordinary, you have to hear the amount of saxophone that’s in this album. In most bands, the saxophone would be an abrasive instrument, counter-productive to the soundscapes they are trying to produce. But, TF&TD feature it because of the additional layer of sound and complexity it brings in as well as allowing it to set them apart from other post-rock bands. If you want something different, enjoy some of this.

Rating: The fact is that I’ve listened to everything since the beginning, and this is the most defining piece of art for this band. They take it to so many different extremes and pull the listener in so many different directions that it’s hard not to find something to like about this album. One drawback from that is that the album doesn’t have the best flow from song to song. “H.R.” has this messy, incredibly dynamic ending, and then it transitions into a The American Dollar-esque “Hotel No. 6”. You lose the true effect from both because of how strangely pair up these songs can get. All in all, though, If It Carries On Like This, We Are Moving To Morecambe is a solid showcase of everything The Fierce & The Dead brings to the table. They can swing from upbeat, chaotic rhythim to calm and melodic at the drop of the hat, and though the flow isn’t 100% perfect, it simply shows how talented these men are as musicians. 4.5/5 Kegs.

|||Download/Purchase||| [It’s Name Your Price, but you’d be going a long way by helping these guys out. Spare a couple of Pounds, eh?]

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