This Will Destroy You- Tunnel Blanket (2011)

Posted: May 12, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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It’s actually somewhat comical: I feel like I change and mature at the same rate as This Will Destroy You. A few years ago, I was a post-rock purest; anything past Russian Circles in terms of heaviness was completely out of the realm of playing possibility for me. That’s why This Will Destroy You was perfect: Young Mountain and their Self-Titled were just what I needed, and were practically my post-rock anthems for a number of years. And then some things changed. I became unsatisfied with listening to just post-rock. Tunnel Blanket came at a perfect time for me. This Will Destroy You, with their new darker and more shoegaze sound, made me realize not only how talented they were as musicians, but that there seriously is life after changing genres and “selling in”. The hype came months ago: “Black Dunes” was shown in a video, “Communal Blood” was released as a single with “Reprise”. No one expected this album to be anything like the last, but the leaps it took in a different direction. This new spacey feel threw a lot of people off and brought a lot of new fans as well, which is just as incredible as the music itself. This album really crossed these post-rock purists into a new world of doomgaze and drone, similar to Sun0))) and Earth. Tunnel Blanket is the turning point in a whole new direction for This Will Destroy You.

The specifics of this album are 60:42 minutes, which is was only 10 minutes longer than their self-titled EP, but almost double the length of Young Mountain. The sound is way darker and heavier than I could ever imagine coming from these guys. They paint such a deep, melancholic atmosphere, forsaking melody and surface beauty for a brooding, more emotional sound. That’s not to say that they lost all of their former elements, however: “Killed The Lord, Left For The New World” contains a killer drum part that will remind you of albums past. With the guitars turned down and emitting streams of constant drone, the drums distant, yet relevant, and the power level turned up to 11, this album should have been titled “This Will Destroy You”.

Rating: Completely ditching their old style, if they were any other band, would earn that album a 1 and an automatic dismissal from my playlist as I tried to cling to their fleeting, former sound. This Will Destroy You, however, took a turn in an incredible direction, breaking their post-rock stereotype and proving they are one of the most versatile bands in the genre today. Tunnel Blanket was a great album, and should not, by any means, be shoved to the background because of the others. 4/5 kegs. |||Download|||Purchase|||Facebook|||

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