Explosions In The Sky- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)

Posted: May 4, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Joe was supposed to write this one. He didn’t; I’m glad I got to write this because of what this album means to me.

My experiences with Explosions In The Sky has always been personal. I watched Friday Night Lights just to hear play because The World Is Not A Cold, Dark Place was/is one of my top 10 albums of all time. I still want “Remember Me As A Time Of Day” to play at my funeral (I may throw it into my suicide note, just for good measure). I’ve spent so much time lying awake in bed, thinking about the world in which I live while listening to Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever. To say that this album is important to me is an understatement. I’ve probably never felt more emotionally connected to an album before in my life, and that’s just what I expected from them.

I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is for me that drew me to this album so much
. Maybe it was my slight disappointment with the last one. Maybe it was that I’ve been around differnt post-rock bands for so long that it was me getting in touch with my roots. Maybe it was all the stupid things going on in my life. I can’t be sure, but all I know is that I was getting goosebumps from just listening. What I love about this album is that there was absolutely no rush; EITS allowed for each of their songs to develop completely and bloom into full-fledged works of art. Even the opening of the album itself had a careful build-up, which made the outcome ever so much sweeter.

What I felt from this album wasn’t my normal, spacy, distant feel that I normally got. I think it was the drums, I can almost say for certain it was the drums, but the sound was almost comforting for me. It pretty much exposed my emotions, and then proceeded to tell me Everything is going to be okay. Where I found that most was in “Human Qualities”, aptly named. The drums were soft and fast-paced, with a sound a little reminiscent of Animal Collective (especially going towards the middle/end). That matched with their normal, dreamy guitar provided me with a place to just set my mind down and just live. I was a little worried for “Trembling Hands”, however, because it was so significantly shorter as compared to the rest of the songs (3 minutes versus approximately 8), but it fed right off of the energy coming from “Human Qualities”. Humorously, the last track, “Let Me Back In”, has the creepiest opening/ending I’ve ever heard. They sound like disembodied voices coming through your speakers.

Rating: I think you were already getting this vibe since the beginning, but I’m giving this a 5/5 kegs. It was just too incredible of an experience to give it anything less. It’s probably going up for my album of the year 2011, barring a miracle.



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