CAVE IN – White Silence to be released May 24th.

Posted: April 20, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Stream
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                                                           (via Hydra Head)
Hydra Head dropped the bomb earlier today (while yours truly was on a train full of vacationing families and missed the initial pre-sale) that Cave In is releasing their first LP on over 5 years. “White Silence is scheduled to be released May 24th.  Tracklist below:
  1. 1. White Silence
  2.  2. Serpents
  3. 3. Sing My Loves
  4. 4. Vicious Circles
  5. 5. Centered
  6. 6. Summit Fever
  7. 7. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
  8. 8. Iron Decibels
  9. 9. Reanimation

Stream: Cave In – “Sing My Love”


Hydra Head


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