It’s Not The Numbers, It’s What’s Inside: The Mike Bird Story

Posted: April 19, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in General Discussion, hardcore, Shows
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The best times of my life have been at shows. I went to see Have Heart and Verse at a small little venue, and my life changed forever. I had the privilege to see Casey Jones’ last show on Long Island, and it really showed me how hardcore takes people from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, and brings them together to make one, big family. The values of brother/sisterhood and unity was what this scene was based on, and when one of us falls, we all feel the pain.

Buffalo’s own Mike Bird is our brother in need. Gathered in a local venue, Mike was there to support Terror and Trapped Under Ice on April 14th with much of the Buffalo Hardcore Scene. Unfortunately, the show didn’t go as planned for Mike, as he was knocked over by a stage-diver and broke the C5 and C6 vertebrae in his upper spine. To make a long and terrible story short, Mike is now faced with a substantial medical bill (practically a 6-figure amount), no insurance and an inability to walk, or even use the lower portion of his body.

This is a member of our world-wide hardcore (and for some of us, straight edge) community who needs our help. Seriously, we’ve all been there: we’ve all moshed hard, crowd-surfed until our hearts stopped and gave every last drop we had at shows everywhere. Mike may have fallen, but we must be there to pick him back up again. Any amount of money you can donate to the collection for his bills, please send via Paypal to and there will be a show held with all proceeds going toward his debt. We need all the help we can get, so please try to help out.

You can read the official blog post: Here

The Facebook page for the benefit show: Here

May he get the help he needs from everyone who can. We’ve got your back, Mike. Stay strong. XXX


  1. Senor Bivins says:

    WE LOVE YOU MIKE…. stay strong brother :/

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