The Morose Project- Self-Titled (2010)

Posted: April 18, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Dance, Reviews
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I told this guy that his band was going to be on the blog in about the most creepy ways possible. No one has to know. I’m so sorry.

If you thought Dark Dark Horse was chill, wait until you get a hold of this band. The beats are mellow, the vibe is smooth, and the vocalist is so incredibly dreamy, you will swoon to his voice.

The Morose Project is a cleverly named side project of two bands: Morose and The Project. Morose is a 5 piece electronic band (from what I can gather) and The Project is a duel DJ collective, but when they come together, they take their talents and mesh them together to form something I’ve never actually heard before. I mainly listen to hardcore punk, post-rock/metal and a little bit of metal thanks to Ricky. Electronic music I don’t touch that often because it seems to all sound very similar; this is pretty much revolutionary in my book.

I’m not going to go song by song, because on a 4 song EP, it’s useless. Overall, though, you will love this band if you want some seriously mellow music. The beats aren’t much like techno ones at all; rather, the sounds they use are reminiscent of Boards Of Canada (not as sound-scape-y, but you get the picture). His voice, however, is the game changer. You can mark this down, but at 1:27:21 AM, Ben wrote that he actually wanted more vocals in a song. Yes, I know, odd, but his voice was simply just, jeez, indescribable. Kind of sounding like Robert Smith from The Cure, maybe, his voice fits this music more than any other music-voice combination I think I’ve ever heard.

Rating: I can’t give this a 5/5. As much as I’d love to, it’s too short, and the last song didn’t even have vocals. I will give this a solid 4, however, and urge all of you to go download it.



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