Rusalka- Accent EP (2010)

Posted: April 13, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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The smaller, but rising bands in the post rock scene have the difficult challenge of all. It’s almost impossible to make post rock today without being ignored and called a clone of someone bigger. Every post rock fan seems to want to make some sort of demo. Being original in a crowded genre isn’t easy.

With this in mind, Rusalka, a post-rock band from the midwest put out a demo called the Accent EP. The songs are obviously post rock, but are different from what you would expect. The only vocals here are very punk oriented; bursts of gang vocals over complex drum patterns and dirty, etherial guitar riffs. I expected something very boring, but in fact, every track is distinguishable and memorable. Though there is nothing here that will blow you away, this is a very solid EP with some cool surprises. The production is raw, but listenable. A good way to describe the Accent EP is 6 parts The Ascent of Everest, 3 parts Pink Floyd, and 1 part Rise Against.

Rating: Rusalka is definitely on the right track. This is a cool EP. The standout track here is Lester Burnham, featuring an awesome buildup with cool gang vox. I expect something awesome when they release a full length. 3/5 kegs.

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  1. Oblivion Oasis says:

    * 5/5 kegs. best band, best dudes! definitely a crazy talented group.

  2. Frank's Beard says:

    Best part is their main songwriter (well riff writer, they flesh it out together) doesn’t even listen to Pink Floyd. But by far one of the better bands from the C-U area. And as OO stated they are really cool guys. Thanks for giving them a listen. I’m not actually in the group but I love when friends get recognized outside of our core group of music nerds.

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