Mouth of the Architect- The Violence Beneath (2010)

Posted: April 12, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in To Be Sorted
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This is a great album and I wanted to review it, but this is also so Ricky stops menstruating.

Mouth of the Architect hit me at a funny time in my life. I was starting to grow out of monotonous, and almost always immature, world of hardcore punk and I needed a heavier source of music to balance out the massive amount of post-rock that I was in-taking for my musical “diet”.

I listened to Time & Withering and I was hooked. Already on a high from my previous obsession with Buried Inside, Mouth of the Architect was perfect, giving me maturity from the lyrics and something I could bang my head to. Their previous albums only got better and better with age, but then The Violence Beneath took Mouth of the Architect in an different direction.

Branching more towards a metal feel, The Violence Beneath is by no means a bad album. In fact, the last track, “In Your Eyes,”  a cover of Peter Gabriel’s 1986 smash hit, is probably one of the best covers I have ever heard. The rest of the album (all 3 songs of it), is generally more fast-paced and cleaner in terms of guitar riffs than their previous 3 albums. Especially in the title track, the guitar became more melodic at times, which is a different, but still enjoyable stray from their new path.

Rating: Don’t let my words fool you, this is actually a really good album. As compared to their others, it’s not exactly my favorite, but the fact is that the vocals are still incredible, the riffs are still brutally heavy and they still have the same feel I’ve come to know and love. Maybe this will grow on me more in a couple of months, I couldn’t tell you, but if you like metal but hate listening to the same old stuff, pick this up. 4/5 kegs.



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