Wormrot – Dirge (2011)

Posted: April 11, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Ben posts too much post-rock. ZZZZZ

Wormrot, those grind-freaks from Singapore (which BTW, has the highest execution rate in Asia and was voted “Best Judicial System” by a bunch of business executives. WTF?) released their follow-up to last years debut full length ABUSE , and have kept the break-neck momentum going withh DIRGE.

With none of the songs on this 25 track album going over two minutes, Dirge is  short as well as addictive. With plenty of tempo changes,  and some creative vocal delivery from Arif Rot specifically on “Back Stabber Mission Aborted”; and simple but precise drums and guitars from Fitri and Rasyid (respectively) that keep it from being too technical and still proving that they have some chops.

Brutal, fast and a  foot stomping good time, Dirgeis already a favorite of mine and will being seeing the light of day sometime in May, but you can head over to Earache and score a free download now. Wormrot tore up the east coast a few weeks ago, and you can be sure as shit that when they come back  yours truly will be there.

Wormrot – Dirge gets 4 and a half kegs out of 5.


  1. Mason says:

    No such thing a too much post-rock. NO SUCH THING!

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