The Fierce And The Dead- 10×10 (2011)

Posted: April 11, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, album stream, Reviews
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2011 has been a busy year for IsThisRevo?’s Matt Stevens. He’s been playing shows, both live and over the internet, almost non-stop. While he has a blooming solo career to look after, he also has his side, 3-piece post-rock band The Fierce And The Dead, to play with. Consisting of him, Kev Feazey (Bass, percussion, programming), and Stuart Marshall (Drums, percussion), they released a single (appropriately titled Pt. 1) not long ago. 10×10, this single released April 4th, is a more conventional EP; it contains 2 songs that are approximately 3-4 minutes long (as opposed to Pt. 1‘s lone 20 minute track).

10×10 has an intense bass part, one that is controlling and rarely present in today’s post-rock genre. The guitar parts live up to Matt Steven’s solo talent, but the electronic bits are what change the mood. At some point during the track, they switch into this 65daysofstatic [somewhere in We Were Exploding Anyway] electronica dance beat, and then slow it down to a creepy, echoing breakdown, and then bring it back to a fast-paced, fun finish that makes this single memorable.

“Foreign Languages”, the B-Side,  throws this EP in a totally opposite direction, utilizing more atmospheric sounds, although it still keeps it’s original rock-n’-roll guitar part. The electronic beats almost had a feel like Big Gigantic’s A Place Behind the Moon without the crazy party feel. Although not as good as “10×10”, it shows that The Fierce And The Dead like to tackle music from all angles, and not just standard post-rock (a positive sign of more experimenting to come). Look for the new album coming May 2011, as we will be reviewing it. Guaranteed.

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