Omega Massif – Geisterstadt (2007)

Posted: April 7, 2011 by Is This Revolutionary? in Album, Reviews
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Okay, so pretty much, this is what happens: 4 guys come together and make probably one of the best things I’ve heard in years. They call it Mountainmetal, I really don’t know what the fuck to call it, so I’m going to have to agree. What it sounds like is instrumental sludge/post-metal, but the sound is something a little more than that. The whole album takes you on a trip A trip where, I’m not entirely certain. It sounds entirely epic, and from the “Mountainmetal” genre, I imagine some sort of Lord Of The Rings dangerous quest, slaughtering everything that gets in the way. The fact that there are no vocals means that there’s nothing to hamper the incredible sound (they put a post on Facebook that was like “Vocals are finished” and I sobbed tears of pain until they eventually said something like “J/K LOL GUISE” and my world went back to normal). They are heavy without a doubt, but the trick up their sleeve is that, even for 8-10 minute songs, it never gets boring and repetitive like so much metal can. Always fresh, always exciting, always brOOtal at fvck.

My favorite track, which is the one Ricky brought to me to show me how great these guys were, is “Unter Null”. It gets heavy, but the top-layered track is incredible. I compare it a lot to the sound of “V” by Buried Inside: dark and sludge-y, but the top part is catchy, pretty and most importantly, a contrast to the tone. See, where a lot of bands make their mistake is that they concentrate too much on the dreary, powerful, heavy chords and forget about that contrast with the less heavy, more melodic chords. The trick is to do them at the same time in as a point of comparison; it just emphasizes how good those lower notes really are.

Rating: I don’t know how I could give this anything but a 5/5. It’s dark, it’s beautiful and it’s original. Completely blown away. The reason why I put this up is that they have a new album in the works, and I urge everyone to pick this one up before the new one comes out. Realize how great this band is, buy their album, and then buy their new one when it comes out.



  1. […] that did not fall victim to that curse is Omega Massif, who’s popularity grew and grew after 2007′s Geisterstadt. Probably one of my favorite metal albums of all time, it’s timeless, and certainly worth the […]

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